What is A Paralegal

Paralegals provide legal services able to assist you in many areas where the services of a lawyer and the accompanying high costs are not needed.

Paralegals may act independently in the representation of clients. Paralegals may represent clients in Small Claims Court matters; Landlord & Tenant Board matters; matters before all Federal and Provincial Agencies, Boards and Commissions as well as Tribunals such as Landlord & Tenant Board and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

They may also appear on summary conviction procedure criminal offenses.

The most common areas in which people use Paralegals are Landlord Tenant Board matters, Small Claims Court actions and Traffic Ticket defences. There are many other areas where a Paralegal can properly represent you. These include tort and contract law, immigration and refugee law, debtor and creditor rights, and employment and labour law. They also offer assistance with incorporations and registration of new companies.

Going to court is a very expensive proposition at the best of times. Paralegals can help you reduce litigation costs and problems while saving you money.
Many provinces now require Paralegals to be certified and registered in some form. Before you hire any Paralegal make certain they have liability and malpractice insurance.